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Squash Process
Below is a step by step process of how we package our Sugar Hubbard Squash:
You can find our cubed Sugar Hubbard Squash at these selective locations:
Last Updated on December 30, 2013
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Cultivating the fields. The dirt is stirred up which loosens it. This helps the quality of the soil to help with the growth of the crop.

The seeds are then hand placed into the ground with a hoe.

Once the squash is ripe, they are hand picked and brought back to the farm by trailer.
Once scrubbed of excess dirt, the squash is cut using a table saw into smaller pieces.
Once the squash is cut into smaller rounds, the skin is sawed off.

The leftover scraps are discarded into a large tub that we feed to the cows when full.

The cows love squash! (It must be why our beef is so delicious!)
Once the squash has been skinned and in small enough pieces, the innards are then scraped out until smooth.
Once a colander is filled, the squash is placed in a sink of water with one tbs. of bleach added, to ensure that the squash is free of contaminates.

The squash is then set to drip dry, sealed, labeled, and ready for the consumer.
For cubed squash, the process continues with the larger wedges of squash. Instead of being wrapped, they are placed into the cubing machine directly after being cleaned. The machine is refilled until a colander is filled.
The colander of cubed squash now sits in a separate sink of water with one tbs. of bleach to decontaminate once more. Then strained and set to drain of any excess water.
The cubed squash is then scooped into our containers, weighed (16 oz), and labeled; ready for the consumer.
Our licensed processing facility is onsite. We sell our whole squash (up to 50 lbs. each), pealed and unpeeled wedges, as well at 16 oz containers of cubed squash.
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